Friday, September 21, 2012

Asking for Your Help

How do you thank someone for taking an interest in you after your mom passes away from cancer when you are nine years old? How do you thank someone for taking you shopping and spending time with you when you have a huge gaping hole in your heart? How do you thank someone for helping you through those awkward pre-teen and teenage years and for doing things for you that you yearned for your mom to help with? How do you thank someone for loving and caring about your kids when you you want so much for your mom to be here loving them?

Then how do you watch this same friend who is now a mom with three young kids fight her own cancer battle? And how do you cope when she tells you the doctors tell her she is down to only weeks left to live? How can I stand by now and watch this family of little means and not try to do something for them?

Please help me thank my dear friend in the only way I know how by making this the best month of her life full of happiness and creating lasting memories with her family!

Click on the link below to see how you can help.

Please also help by blogging, facebooking, emailing and sharing the link any way you can!

Your help is truly appreciated. 

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